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Meet the Team


Alan Jones 

BVetMed MRCVS (retd).

Former Chairman, The Parrot Society UK


Dr Tariq Abou-Zahr

BVSc CertAVP(ZooMed) DipECZM(Avian) MRCVS 
EBVS & RCVS Recognised Specialist Zoological Medicine (Avian Medicine and Surgery)

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Molly Rogerson


Molly is a veterinary nurse who works in the Royal Veterinary College’s Exotic department and has for four years. She has had the privilege of working with many species of parrot in practice and has a passion for helping to support parrot caregivers better their care of their companions. She also helps to teach veterinary and veterinary nursing students how to care for these incredible animals both during their lectures and during their clinical rotations. 
At home Molly shares her home with four parrots; Trouble the Indian ring neck, Pedro and Pickle the green cheek conures and Peep the pacific parrotlet.

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Reb Davis

RVN APVN(avian)

Reb is a three-year qualified veterinary nurse, currently working in an exotics practice. She qualified as an avian nurse in March 2022. Reb has worked with multiple species of parrots in different settings; zoo collections, pet shops and rehoming charities. Reb has kept companion parrots for 10 years and strives to provide the best diet, husbandry and enrichment possible. Current flock members are Murphy and Smoko (CAG's), Squidge (Senegal), Jasper (BFA) and Derry (Mealy). Reb has a huge passion for educating parrot owners and professionals in the animal industry on the 'gold standard' of companion parrot care.

Lorraine Nash - Jan 2023.JPG

Lorraine Nash

Pet Insurance Manager

Lorraine is a familiar face in the UK pet insurance industry, with several years of experience working with high profile providers in a variety of operational, partnerships and sales roles.  Lorraine strives to work with a range of industry stakeholders to help pet owners, insurer providers, vets and others to combine forces to find solutions and suitable care options for the nation’s pets.  Passionate about animal welfare, Lorraine is also known for regularly undertaking fundraising activities and challenges to support various animal charities.


Mike Taylor

Northern Parrots

Back in the nineties Mike began working in the family pet shop which specialised in Parrots. As bird lovers from far and wide turned into regular customers the need for a mail order service became apparent. A basic catalogue was produced, then a website and ever since Mike has been running Northern Parrots which has now served over half a million Parrot owners.

A retired avian veterinarian, Alan qualified from the RVC in London in April 1970. Working almost exclusively with birds since 1985, he served as board member and European representative on Association of Avian Veterinarians. Alan was chairman of the Parrot Society UK for fourteen years (in two separate sessions), and is a life member of that Society. He is the co-editor and contributor to avian veterinary textbooks; regular contributor to Cage & Aviary Birds, Parrots magazine, and the PSUK magazine. Alan is the sole author of ‘Keeping Parrots - Understanding Their Care & Breeding’. He is currently living in Buckinghamshire with my wife, two dogs and two cockatoos. Alan has two adult children and two teenage grandchildren. He is very passionate about parrot welfare, especially nutrition and enrichment.

Tariq graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014 and after a year in general practice, he embarked on a 4 year combined internship and residency program at Great Western Exotics in Swindon, in zoological medicine, with a particular emphasis on avian medicine and surgery. He passed his RCVS certificate exams in 2018 and his European ECZM diploma in zoological medicine (avian medicine and surgery) in 2021. Before even thinking about becoming a vet, Tariq was an aviculturist. He got his first pet birds (a pair of budgies) aged 7. Since then, he has kept and bred a whole variety of different birds, including many psittacines. Tariq is also a keen herpetoculturist and has a passion for reptile medicine and husbandry and keeps reptiles alongside his birds at home. 


Michael Bellingham

Chief Executive, UK Pet Food

Michael joined the association in 2004. Before that he worked in both retail and food trade associations in the UK. In 2000 he moved to Brussels to run a European cereals association, which focused on international trade issues. As well as looking after the Executive Committee, which has financial and strategic oversight of UK Pet Food, Michael also runs the Fish and Raw Pet Food Groups. Michael has a degree in Politics from Durham University and an MA in European Studies from South Bank University.  Michael and his family share their home with the lovely Tessa, a schnoodle.


Maddy Johnston

Marketing and Media Manager, Johnston & Jeff

In 2017, Maddy Johnston, the fifth generation of the Johnston family to enter the business, began working for Johnston & Jeff full time.

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